While our firm is based out of Chicago, immigration cases are federal in nature, and we are available to support immigration clients nationwide. We offer a subscription program that can help clients save on legal costs, but we accept immigration cases from all clients, not just subscribers.

Illinois Immigration Attorney Based in Chicago

​The immigration system in the United States was not built to be user-friendly. Understanding your options, rights, and strategy can be intimidating. Our team’s experience with immigration cases of all kinds can simplify the process, helping you know what to expect every step of the way.

With our team on your side, you’ll be prepared to face whatever challenges stand between you and legal residency within the United States.

Whether you are a Subscription Lawyer subscriber or not, call us today at (312) 331-0087 to begin building your case.

​We work with immigrants of all legal statuses. Our experience in criminal defense makes us an especially good fit for immigrants whose status in the United States is threatened after being charged with a crime.

Immigration Lawyer for:

​Whatever legal questions you may have about the immigration process, the Subscription Lawyer team has the experience and attentiveness your case needs.

Building Your Asylum Case

Immigrants who are already present in the United States or at the border can apply for asylum if they have a fear of persecution from the government, or a group the government cannot control, in their home country. You may be eligible for asylum if you fear persecution based on you:

​Asylum cases require the applicant to prove that asylum in America is their best or only option. The burden of proof is high, and requires following a strict application process, well-documented proof of persecution, and an in-person interview or court appearance.

An immigration lawyer can guide you through this complex process, and help you secure asylum not only for yourself, but for your spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 21. Once asylum has been granted, your lawyer can help you apply for other benefits, like work authorization, a green card, and eventual citizenship.

Our nation’s immigration system is complex, and the standards for asylum are high, especially if asylum is being used as a defense against removal. If you are seeking asylum, an experienced immigration attorney maximizes your chances of success.

​Call (312) 402-3500 to speak to our team (in Spanish or English) and begin building your case.

Attorney for Deportation and Removal

If you entered the country without legal authorization, or have been charged with a crime that threatens your legal immigration status, you may find yourself facing deportation – also known as removal.

Deportation is a serious threat to your residency in the United States, and an experienced immigration attorney is an absolute requirement for fighting deportation proceedings.

The government must meet a certain burden of proof to remove an individual from the country. Our team can help you build a case against removal, including fighting criminal charges if necessary.

​However, even if the court initially upholds your removal, other options like family-based visas and asylum can keep you in the country. These cases are highly fact-specific and require extensive, well-documented evidence. Your lawyer will walk you through the process step-by-step for the best chances of success.

If you or a loved one are facing removal proceedings, an experienced immigration attorney should be your first call. To get started, call our team today at (312) 402-3500 – our team is available to help in both Spanish and English.

Attorney for Deportation and Removal
Virtual Immigration Attorney

Virtual Immigration Attorney

Because immigration cases are federal, we are available to help immigrants across the country with their cases. There is no need to pay for expensive travel to get the best possible representation!

​The pandemic has made it clear that virtual legal services are not only possible – they’re actually easier for clients. Virtual services make scheduling more flexible, allowing you to get the help you need, as soon as you need it. We’re perfected the model of providing diligent, proactive, and effective legal counsel to clients anywhere in the country.

To learn more about virtual immigration attorney services, call (312) 402-3500.

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Be Prepared For the Legal Costs of Immigration​


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