​John Heiderscheidt has over ten years of experience in civil law and is available to help new or existing clients with any legal matters that may need attention.

​Our team has experience with defendants of all immigration statuses and can provide legal services in Spanish as well as English.

Illinois Civil Attorney Based in Chicago

The civil side of the law covers a broad range of topics, from business formation, to employment, to contracts, to taxes. An experienced attorney can ensure that your rights are respected in civil court. When proceeding with a civil case, details are often of the utmost importance. Our legal team will help you identify and present your evidence to make the strongest possible case.

​Whatever legal questions you may have about the immigration process, the Subscription Lawyer team has the experience and attentiveness your case needs.

Whether you are a Subscription Lawyer subscriber or not, call us today at (312) 331-0087 to begin building your case.

Civil Lawyer Near Chicago For:

Criminal Lawyer Chicago

When Do I Need a Lawyer in Illinois?

If you have been charged with a crime, a criminal defense attorney should be your first call. Likewise, if your case is related to your immigration status, a lawyer who understands our immigration system is essential.

However, the stakes are high on civil cases, and an attorney is the best investment you can make in a positive outcome.

Working with a lawyer on important contracts, business formations, tax cases, and bankruptcy can help protect your assets and interests into the future. An experienced civil attorney will also make the difference in employment cases, whether your business is in need of defense, or you are looking to ensure your worker’s compensation claim is successful.

Traffic offenses are often civil rather than criminal, and an experienced lawyer can ensure your rights are respected, and you have access to every possible option to address your traffic-related disputes.

John Heiderscheidt and the Subscription Lawyer team are ready to take your case.

Call (312) 402-3500 to learn more and begin the process of assessing your case.

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Consider it like insurance for future legal fees in criminal, civil, or immigration court.

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