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Awaiting the Trump Hush Money Trial Verdict and Predictions on Whether Trump is Guilty from AI, and Real Attorneys

The state is done presenting evidence, and both sides have made their closing arguments to the jury in the Trump Hush Money Trial. Several AI platforms, when fed trial transcripts, stated they would convict Trump. However, it is incredibly unusual for the state to even present a case where they cannot definitively prove what underlying crime the alleged criminal act was in furtherance of. Several prominent defense attorneys in the New York area – including renowned defense attorney Alan Dershowitz – have questioned whether the true motives of this case were political. In their view, the conduct described in the indictment may be unseemly, but any argument that it is criminal in nature is purely a pretextual one, in order to muddy up a political opponent prior to a hotly contested presidential election. Owner and Managing Attorney of Subscription Lawyer John Heiderscheidt echoed some of those previous public comments.

“I believe it would be a terrible precedent for the country to have a guilty verdict come down in this case. I share the sentiments of those legal scholars who have questioned the legitimacy of these criminal proceedings. From the outside looking in I do not believe the case would have been brought had the defendant not been a prominent political figure who is so uniquely divisive among the electorate. This seems to be more of an exercise in legal theory than a good-faith attempt to bring a nuts-and-bolts criminal prosecution against a defendant who actually committed a serious crime against the people or any specific victim.”

As a recent Politico article pointed out, it is not as simple as “guilty” or “not guilty”. We could see a hung jury, a mistrial, holdouts, or a mixed verdict – guilty on some counts, not guilty on others. Now most of America gets to share in some of the anticipatory angst lawyers feel each day in the courthouse, waiting for a verdict.

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